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Rares Mihai Popa

Engineer. IoT enthusiast. Web developer.

I'm a performance-driven engineer, freelance web developer and IoT enthusiast, with a particular interest in developing solutions which cover all of these three areas. My projects are based on CodeIgniter or Laravel, supported by AngularJS or jQuery for a flawless user experience. Web resource compression and HTTP request reduction are essential. After all, the Internet should be blazingly fast.

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BEng, University of Edinburgh
datasense | M2M temperature & humidity system
MSc, Imperial College London
Full-time engineer
85% CSS
70% Design
95% Html
80% PHP

What I do

Web Development

Web Development using either the Laravel or the CodeIgniter frameworks.

User Interface

Flawless user experience using AngularJS or jQuery.

Responsive design

Responsive design using Bootstrap.


Website assets compression, reduction in HTTP requests, HTTP/2 and SSL implementation.


Here's a list of the projects I've completed.

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Rares Mihai Popa //

Cambridge, United Kingdom